About me

By day I’m a School Librarian, supporting Kindergarten-Year 13 students, their teachers and parents in the Library of an IB school in New Zealand, I’m also a Mum to two daughters aged 13 and 16 who don’t read as  much as I think they should. I love reading and I want to help children love reading as much as I do. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making a match between a young reader and a great book.

Things about my library that affect what I write about….

I write and rant about ebooks in Libraries – please don’t think this means I dislike paper books. I love all books and I am passionate about getting kids to read. Admittedly, I’m fairly obsessive about our digital collection and I’m fascinated with all aspects of the relationship between publishers and libraries around selling and buying digital content and how the whole idea of a hybrid digital collection is evolving over time.


  1. The content on this blog website represents my personal opinion and experience about the books I read and the work I do. These opinions are not on behalf of my employer as these are opinions and ideas I’ve formed out of my own experience and I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same way no matter where I work.
  2. Unless stated otherwise, all of the books I occasionally write about have been purchased for our school library or borrowed from Auckland Libraries.

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Just to say thank you for your positive and enthusiastic review for GAMER. I’m glad you liked it and are moving onto NINJA – your year 6 pupils should love it. For your information, Barrington Stoke will be releasing the second in the NINJA series later this year. In the meantime, you may want to check out my Young Samurai series – http://www.youngsamurai.com.

    Thanks for your support and excellent blog. Librarians like you are the lifeblood of encouraging reading.

    Chris Bradford

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