#365PictureBooks no. 42 Looking like me by Walter Dean Myers

When you look in a mirror, who do you see?

A boy? A girl?
A son? A daughter?
A runner? A dancer?

Whoever and whatever you see–
just put out your fist and give yourself an “I am” BAM!

This jumping, jazzy, joyful picture book by the award-winning team of Walter Dean and Christopher Myers celebrates every child, and every thing that child can be“.

I picked this up at the public library thinking from the cover it was going to be about race or cultural identity. Turns out it’s more about identity and self affirmation in general – and very much about self esteem. Every time Jeremy declares something positive about himself, his talents and his abilities, his relationships with others he gives himself or the other person a fist bump. This could be an interesting provocation to use at the start of the year and could lead to some insightful art work by children. Useful for PYP : Who we are inquiry.

Read Betsy Bird’s great review on Goodreads

Bibliographic details:

Looking like me by Walter Dean Myers and illustrated by Christopher Myers.

Published by Egmont, 2009.

32 pages.


I borrowed this copy from Auckland Libraries


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