#365PictureBooks Day 31 Goodnight already!

Wanna play cards?”
“Watch a movie?”
“Start a band?”

Bear can’t wait to go to sleep. He’s exhausted, but his persistent next door neighbor, Duck, is wide awake and wants to hang out. Each time Bear is just about to fall asleep, Duck comes back with some great plans. Will Bear ever be able to catch some zzz’s?” Publisher: HarperCollins NZ

Sometimes you come across a book which is so darned cute you ALMOST don’t want it to get checked out? I, mean if it is checked out then you can’t share it with every other kid and class you love…

I had borrowed a copy of this from Auckland Libraries but have now purchased one for our school library picture book collection.

I love the bear in this story as much as the bear in Jon Klassen’s I want my hat back. The illustrator has made this bear come alive on the page through very simple changes in expression – you can almost feel his eyes suddenly opening on the page. The story reminds me of parenthood and those years with young children who are  particularly talkative in the middle of the night. Somehow just when you were at your most tired and the planets seemingly aligned for you to get a full night of sleep something would happen and your small person would have you up all through the night. It’s the same for beart. You can almost feel the cosiness as he is getting ready to sleep and you know exactly how luxurious and lovely that feeling is. But then you identify with the perky, almost caffeine fuelled, wide awake duck who wants to party long after bedtime. Poor bear ends the book looking positively jet lagged (NZers will recognise that wide-awake but asleep look we get when travelling for 24 hours to get from the southern to the northern hemisphere).

Sleep deprivation aside, this book is one kids and their parents are going to love.

This is pure fun!

P.S. Check out The terrible two by Jory John and Mac Barnett – a great funny middle grade book. I bought it for school in ebook format but it went out before I could get it first – darn it!

Bibliographic details:

Goodnight already! / Written by Jory John and illustrated by Benji Davies.

Published by Harper Collins, 2015.

32 p.


NZ RRP $29.99 Available widely in bookstores or borrow a copy from your public library.



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