#365PictureBooks Day 30 The Treaty House by LeAnne Orams

‘Treaty House isn’t special’, Olley declared. Imagine his surprise when the house talks back!

Journey with Olley as he learns not only is the Treaty House special, but so are the events that have happened in and around it, events that have shaped New Zealand to become the nation Olley is part of today.

Publisher: PenguinRandomHouseNZ

Today’s post is a little different…

It is a plea for out of print New Zealand Non-fiction to either be reprinted or released in ebook format (which would not cost the publisher very much as there wouldn’t be any printing involved!)

Every year, I angst over sharing one extremely rare copy of the Treaty house by LeAnn Orams amongst all the classes in my Junior School. Not only is it written for younger readers but so much care has been taken in the research by the illustrator and the author.

Author website: LeAnne Orams

I’m really delighted to see the new book on the Treaty published By New Holland Publishers and written for younger readers by the awesome Philippa Werry:

Waitangi Day – the New Zealand Story : what it is and why it matters.

It is written and published in a very similar style to her equally awesome “Anzac Day“.

You can find teaching notes to accompany the book here.

Bibliographic details:

The treaty house / written by LeAnne Orams and illustrated by Roger Twiname.

Published by Raupo Publishing NZ Ltd (formerly Reed and an imprint of Penguin Books NZ), 2007.

32 pages


Out of print. Borrow a copy if you can, from your local public library.

Waitangi Day – the New Zealand story (what it is and why it matters) / Written by Philippa Werry

Published by New Holland, 2015.


RRP NZ$ 25.00

Widely available for purchase (although the bookseller I rang today to try and get extra copies was sold out – fab news for a NZ non-fiction book!)



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