#365PictureBooks Day 27 Grandpa Green by Lane Smith


From the creator of the national bestseller It’s a Book comes a timeless story of family history, legacy, and love.
Grandpa Green wasn’t always a gardener. He was a farmboy and a kid with chickenpox and a soldier and, most of all, an artist. In this captivating new picture book, readers follow Grandpa Green’s great-grandson into a garden he created, a fantastic world where memories are handed down in the fanciful shapes of topiary trees and imagination recreates things forgotten.
In his most enigmatic and beautiful work to date, Lane Smith explores aging, memory, and the bonds of family history and love; by turns touching and whimsical, it’s a stunning picture book that parents and grandparents will be sharing with children for years to come“. Publisher: Macmillan

I really love this book – it is a lovely one to share on Grandparents Day. It is also a very lovely book to share with children and to talk about how things have changed between the generations and also to gently explain about memory loss and aging.

The illustrations are gentle and calming. This isn’t a picture book to be read in a hurried fashion and the lush green topiary and the connecting branches and other objects that lead from one phase of the grandfathers life to another support this slowness. I have always loved topiary and it is wonderful how the horticultural imagery connects with the story elements.

This is a perfect title to use with our Year 2 PYP Unit of Inquiry : Where we are in place and time:  “Then and now”

Life is changing

  • How our family traditions have changed over time
  • Similarities and differences between generations
  • Artifacts, heirlooms or rituals that have meaning in a family

Bibliographic details:

Grandpa Green / Written and illustrated by Lane Smith.

Published by Roaring Brook Press, 2011.

32 pages.


Available to borrow from Auckland Libraries.

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