#365PictureBooks Day 22 – Edward and the great discovery

“Although he comes from a long line of archaeologists, Edward has never discovered anything. Then one rainy night, he stumbles upon what could be his first great discovery”. Publisher.

When we meet Edward in the first pages of this book he appears rather small and possibly lonely. He is sitting looking at a picture wall of the photographs and portraits of his archaeologist relatives – all of whom, we are told, have made important discoveries.

Edward has never discovered anything, despite digging holes in his large lawn (the picture of the swiss-cheese-like holes in his yard did remind me very much of Louis Sachar’s Holes). One night when rain has turned his dig to mud, he serendipitously trips and discovers a very large egg.  Edward lovingly cares for the egg and very patiently waits for it to hatch. The bird becomes a friend and helps him with his explorations. When Edward reflects on the nature of his bird he wonders if there is something wrong with it – it can’t fly. Is his discovery broken? During a visit to a museum, Edward discovers exactly what kind of bird he has as a friend and realises that the bird is special, but that friendship is the great discovery.

I recommend you peruse Celeste Hulme’s webpage to see a wonderful selection of  pages from this book. I love the way the illustrator has used subtle vintage colours that perfectly match the antiquities and museum exhibits depicted on the pages.

The end papers are also a delight with a fabulous gear list “Edward’s kit” – for little archaeologists!

Bibliographic details:

Edward and the great discovery / Courageously written and illustrated by Rebecca McRitchie and Celeste Hulme.

Published by New Frontier Publishing, 2014.


NZ RRP: $30.00

Available widely in independent bookstores. Surprisingly not in the Auckland Libraries catalogue.

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