In one of my more enthusiastic twitter moments I promised to join a wee 2015 blogging project….

It sounded easy at the time – 365 picture books – read one each day and write a blog post review. Simple.

Funny how I had forgotten this rather rashly made promise until I was tagged in a twitter post on New Year’s Day! Thank you @StephEllisNZ !

However I needed an incentive to start blogging again and this may just be it. (I haven’t blogged for over twelve months so it might take a while to get into the groove again.)

Why picture books?

As a K-6 Primary School Librarian, picture books are a major part of my collection. I just had a quick look in our catalogue and we have over 2800 titles in our picture book collection as well as many non-fiction picture books and sophisticated picture books tucked in various parts of my library. Picture books are really important to help our youngest readers develop a love of story, books and reading but they have other uses too. More and more, I am turning to picture books to use with older students as a provocation for inquiry or as a tool for inspiring empathy. I often find that older kids love to have a funny or quirky picture book read aloud or shared with them and sometimes reluctant readers who refuse to touch fiction chapter books will place a reserve on a new picture book if it has the “cool factor” (anything by Mac Barnett or Oliver Jeffers for instance!)

I won’t be able to buy 365 new picture books this year (as much as I would like to!) so my reviews will be a mixture of new titles, old favourites and titles especially useful with the PYP (Primary Years Programme of the IB).

I’m going to try and stick to the 365 title commitment. Feel free to join us…To follow all the blog posts associated with this challenge use the hashtag #365PictureBooks on Twitter!

I will add more links once everyone has written their first post….

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