World Read Aloud Day March 6 2013 : Week 3 – a snapshot of my reading life


A snapshot of my reading life :


I want and need to read lots of books so that I am familiar with as many authors and genres as possible.

The more I read the more I can recommend titles that will match my students interests.

This pile represents the connections I have made with other librarians, teachers, bloggers and publishers. Every one of these titles was purchased as a result of an interaction or connection with another person.

Many of the books above were preorders based on enthusiastic endorsements from others. I use Twitter as a valuable source of intelligence regarding forthcoming publications. Other peoples enthusiasm for stories is contagious.

I read everyday. My reading takes many forms:

  • social networks – Twitter, Facebook
  • blogs – from librarians, teachers, publishers, authors and educators
  • websites – professional journals e.g. SLJ, book reviews
  • email
  • curated sites –, learnist, pinterest
  • magazines – I read so I can add articles to our Library Catalogue that match inquiry topics
  • non-fiction – I have hundreds of books covering all of my interests from cooking, quilting, scrapbooking, travel, history, biography, but lots of topics that I feel we need at home for homework and reference, despite our reliance on the internet.
  • fiction – print, ebooks (on my ipad at night so I don’t disturb my husband) and audio books (so I can ‘read’ even when I am doing chores – it stops me feeling resentful and makes the time go quicker)
  • Picture books that I read aloud to children as part of my work

I would like to say that piles of new books like the one above are rare. My credit card will testify to the contrary, I buy books every week. I love new books. Every book is the possibility of a match made in heaven between an author, a story and one of my students.

I can’t imagine a life without reading. The greatest thing that comes from reading is sharing.


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