Girl’s best friend by Leslie Margolis

alt=girl's best friend leslie margolis cover

Girl’s best friend by Leslie Margolis (A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery; 1). Published by Bloomsbury, 2010. Paperback edition rrp. NZ$19.95.

From the Publisher:

Dogs are disappearing in her neighborhood, and Maggie Brooklyn Sinclair knows all about it. After all, she has a semi-secret after-school gig as a professional (ok, amateur) dog-walker. Maggie hates to see a pup in trouble, so she’s even willing to help her ex-best friend Ivy recover her rescue-dog, Kermit. Kermit’s being held for ransom, and Maggie has noticed some suspicious behavior lately. But she never suspected her crush Milo could be involved . ..Leslie Margolis’s pitch-perfect voice and rich characters have endeared her to tweens, and her fans will flock to this hip new series featuring a clever and lovable new heroine, Maggie Brooklyn.

What do I think about this book?

This is a cute story… cute dogs, quirky girl, cool new York life…it is the first of a series (the sequel ‘Vanishing Acts’ was published in 2012). This is a book about a quirky and likeable 12 year old girl living in Brooklyn. Maggie lives in an apartment in an old house with an eccentric and slightly mysterious landlady. This is aimed at the 8+ tween girl and I think it will be a hit with my 8/9+ girl readers. Maggie has the usual friendship issues with girls her own age including a feud with an old friend, plus an unfulfilled wish to have her own dog, a crush on a boy at school and a curious nature. Any girls that have enjoyed Nancy Drew but want an updated version should enjoy this.

Author website:


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