the first adventure of the Fairy Detective Agency…Operation bunny


Operation Bunny by Sally Gardner, Illustrated by David Roberts, Published by Orion Children’s Books, 2012. First book in a new series for younger readers: Wings & Co.

I am always on the prowl hoping to discover new and enticing series for my younger readers. The moment I saw this cover I had several 7 year olds in mind. Knowing the author was Sally Gardner made me more excited as Sally is a wonderful author who writes amazing books for a variety of age groups from preschool picture books up to teen fiction titles we have in our Middle and Senior School libraries.

From the publisher:

A brand-new quirky series about a fairy detective agency brimming with mystery and magic by million-copy selling author Sally Gardner, and illustrated by bestselling artist, David Roberts. Emily Vole makes headline news in the first weeks of her life, when she is found in an abandoned hatbox in Stansted Airport.Then, only a few years later, her neighbour Mrs String dies leaving Emily a mysterious inheritance: an old shop, a small bunch of golden keys and a cat called Fidget. It’s the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime as the old Fairy Detective Agency comes back to life.It is up to Emily to reopen the shop, and recall the fairies to duty. Together they must embark on their first mystery and do battle with their great fairy-snatching enemy, Harpella.


This quirky story from Sally Gardner is packed with magic, humour and imagination, as well as a touch of Roald Dahl-esque darkness. Young readers will be charmed by resourceful heroine Emily and her sidekick, Fidget who always has a cat joke or fishy quip to hand for any given situation. David Roberts’s entertaining illustrations are the perfect match for Gardner’s pleasingly eccentric text. This first instalment of the Wings and Co series is great fun, and is sure to delight newly independent readers”.


“A brand new quirky detective series called WINGS & Co. brimming with humour, mystery and magic by million-copy selling author Sally Gardner and illustrated by David Roberts. Operation Bunny is the first case for the Fairy Detective Agency and with the help of a talking cat called Fidget and a grumpy fairy detective called Buster, it’s up to Emily Vole to get to the bottom of Operation Bunny. It’s a series that 7+ year olds shouldn’t be missing.”

What do I think about this book?

I bought this on a Saturday morning from my local bookshop, started reading it and didn’t put it down until I had devoured the very funny text and delicious illustrations which really brought the characters to life. I loved this book and know a lot of my young readers are going to love it too! We are so fortunate to have so many fantastic British authors writing really funny fiction for kids. This is another title that I can offer to the kids that like Mr Gum by Andy Stanton, also Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Philip Ardagh. There’s that comparison to Mr Dahl again…but there is something of Matilda in Emily as her adoptive parents are horrid and treat her very badly (their comeuppance and punishment is a delight). Because this is the first in a series another book is due out in 2013 – excellent news! The more the better. Perfect for Year 3/4 readers.

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