Pottermore…extend the Harry Potter experience

I received an email this morning telling me that the first chapters of the Prisoner of Azkaban have been unlocked on Pottermore…sigh…I have been a member for a few months and have yet to get started and explore the first chapter of the Philosopher’s stone, let alone pass all the tasks of the Chamber of Secrets and be a third year student at Hogwarts ready to tackle the adventures of the third book.

I have blogged recently about the James Potter fan fiction series as a way of giving a Harry Potter fan more of the stories they love (my view on James Potter series book 3 “the Vault of destinies” is coming soon...) Exploring this interactive website with lots of extra written content by JK Rowling is another way of getting more out of the books.

From JK Rowling:

Mrs Hewett says:

My problem is that I  have so many other books to read at the moment, and even though it is the school holidays I don’t have a lot of spare time to explore Pottermore, BUT  it looks like a whole heap of fun! Should I manage to get back online (remembering it often rains in the holidays…) and I meet you on Pottermore….’OwlStrike’… might be me 🙂

Go to the full site here

and have a sneak peek at the sort of things you can explore through Pottermore by watching this:


3 thoughts on “Pottermore…extend the Harry Potter experience”

  1. I wouldn’t normally read fan fiction as I have so many other books I need and to and want to read but I stumbled across the James Potter series via twitter and was intrigued. As I am a primary school (elementary school) librarian I need to explore lots of authors that may appeal to my young students who often get very attached to a particular series and then want to read other books that strike a similar chord (I am often asked for readalikes for HP, Diary of a wimpy kid, Skulduggery pleasant and the Hunger games.) I find the methods of publishing these days, and the rise of fan fiction as a source of new talent for publishers very interesting.

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