Shrunk! by Fleur Hitchcock and the Story Adventure Project


Shrunk! by Fleur Hitchcock. Published by Hot Key Books, 2012. Paperback, 176 pages.

I have been waiting for what feels like ages for this book to arrive. Shrunk! is Fleur Hitchcock’s first children’s book and was published in 2012 by a new UK publisher “Hot Key Books”.  I read about this book and thought it sounded perfect for some of my reluctant boy readers, it’s not too long and would make a great read aloud.

This wonderful story has something for everyone to identify with; a quirky, likable main character …with an annoying little sister, he is also the new kid in town and struggling to make friends; an embarassing granny and worse…embarrassing parents; a little bit of magic and science fiction thrown in (disappearing planets, shooting stars, meteorites, rumoured alien abductions and the possible end of the world); a horrid bully (who Tom shrinks down to size – literally and figuratively and renders harmless for a while); funny animals and lots and lots of humor. If you like British humor (e.g. David Walliams or Andy Stanton, even Roald Dahl) then you will really enjoy this story. I loved it! It will be on our new book display early in term 1.

From the publisher:

“After Tom moves in with his grandmother next to the Bywater-by-Sea Model Village, he makes a wish on a shooting star and gets the curious ability to shrink things. The first thing he shrinks is Jupiter, then some sheep and a boat.But without Jupiter in place, the Earth is slowly being drawn towards the Sun. With the angry (and miniaturised) school bully yelling from his pocket, Tom has to return Jupiter and save Earth — all while trying to make friends in his new home.”
Here is Fleur Hitchcock reading an extract from her book, which will give you an idea of how funny this is read aloud.

What is Story Adventure all about? From the Story Adventure website (here):

Have you ever wanted YOUR SAY in how a book gets written?
Fleur Hitchcock has to write a new book for her Evil Editor and she needs your help.

Step 1. Read the free chapters.

Step 2. Tell Fleur what should happen next. (Sign up required.)

Step 3. Get YOUR ideas and writing into the book!

Step 4. Come back next Monday to read the next chapter.

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